KKK's Duke - "Treason" Not to Vote for Trump; Puts Trump Activist on Radio

David Duke is a former KKK Grand Wizard and the current co-leader (along with stormfront* website chief Don Black) of the national white supremacy movement.  Duke is an unabashed Trump supporter, with over 60% of his daily radio shows since December 2015 devoted to his support for Trump’s campaign.

Any racist who doesn’t vote for Trump is committing “treason”

Duke frequently urges his nationwide audience of white supremacists and Klansmen to go out and vote for Trump. Before the Nevada caucus, he “implored listeners in Nevada to go out and vote for Trump today” to overcome the “Jewish billionaires … the money bags behind Rubio and Cruz”. He’s urged his racist followers to vote for Trump because of Trump’s friendliness to Russia, and that to vote against Trump would be “treason to your heritage”.

Meet Doug from Chicago – proud white supremacist, and Trump campaign activist

On March 11th, his radio show guest was “Doug from Chicago”, a self-proclaimed “activist with the Donald Trump campaign”. Doug talked about falling for Trump when he talked about the “rapists … pouring into” the country from Mexico. They talked about how “our heritage [whiteness] is literally at stake here”, and that Trump is “our last chance”.

One of the horrible takeaways from listening to these two bozos was to realize the only reason racist America believes Cruz and Rubio ran for President this year was because the Republican establishment decided “let’s put a couple of hispanics out there and see which one can win” to get the latino vote. These couple of dingleberries are completely unaware that Cruz and Rubio just happen to be two of the most qualified, conservative candidates to run for President since Ronald Reagan.

Adolph Hitler: the biggest beneficiary of anti-Trump ads 

Duke recently re-affirmed his loyal support for the Trump campaign:

“They have portrayed Donald Trump as a vicious racist who basically wants to create a Hitlerian regime; that’s what they present him as, which is, of course, the biggest boogeyman and the most hateful thing these days you can say about something,” Duke said. “And if you want to see the direction of this country, just look at a Communist here, Bernie Sanders, running and winning a lot of victories in major states, and who is a former Communist and is a Marxist right now, folks.”

Furthermore, Duke liked the similarities he saw between Trump and Hitler in an anti-Trump ad, with both men fighting past “communists” to make their countries “great again”:

“It was a commercial against Trump, but I don’t think it’s having the effect that they want it to have…. They might be rehabilitating that fellow with the mustache back there in Germany”. Duke described Hitler as “preserving Germany and making Germany great again and free again and not beholden to these Communists on one side, politically who were trying to destroy their land and their freedom, and the Jewish capitalists on the other, who were ripping off the nation through the banking system.”

Duke went on to compare Hitler’s battles with “Jewish capitalists” with modern day dealings with Goldman Sachs. Which is rather ironic, since Mr. Trump has been apparently quite happy to borrow Goldman Sachs money for his real estate business.


*(I spent a few hours researching the stormfront website and Duke’s website and radio shows for this diary, and I do not recommend anyone visit these vile websites that will quickly make you lose faith in humanity. Fortunately, they are a small, disappearing minority, but it appears that in excess of 95% of them are supporting Trump)

**(Don’t let anyone tell you that stormfront and white supremacists aren’t still involved with the KKK. Three discussions from the past week were titled “Join The Ku Klux Klan Here”, “Ask A Traditionalist Klansman”, and “Do you need a klan Robe? If so read this”. And these were serious topics.)