Cruz at AIPAC: Tell Trump - Palestine has not Existed Since 1948

Cruz started off his speech at AIPAC today by stating, “God bless AIPAC”. His next line was both an affirmation of the State of Israel and a funny rebuke of Trump: “I am thrilled to be here today. And let me say at the outset — and perhaps to the surprise of the previous speaker [Trump] — Palestine has not existed since 1948”:

A number of the points Cruz hit on today were issues he’s raised before – ripping up the Iran deal, moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, his prior work to quickly end the Dept. of State travel ban to Israel, and beating up Trump, Obama, and Hillary over their “neutrality” with respect to Israeli and Palestinian negotiations.

I don’t follow Israeli issues on a daily basis. Some new issues I had not heard before today were:

1. Israel has been treating wounded Syrians free of charge

2. Cruz co-sponsored resolution (passed) condemning Hamas’s use of human shields as a war crime

3. Promised to shoot down any Iranian missiles, including missile tests

4. Promised to shut down federal funding of any organizations involved in the anti-Israeli BDS movement, and to prosecute any wrongdoers

5. Promised to “fly to New York to personally veto” any UN resolution for statehood for Palestine