Trump Volunteer with White Supremacy Tattoos on PBS Special

PBS News broadcast a special earlier this week on a North Carolina phone bank volunteer who had common white supremacy tattoos on each hand.

On her right hand was the Celtic cross, symbol of white supremacy master-website “Stormfront”, and typically associated with the slogan “white pride world wide”.

celtic 88

On her left hand was tattooed “88”, which is the symbol for “Heil Hitler” among Nazis and white supremacists. The letter “h” is the 8th letter, so it is very common for these racists to tattoo “88” for “hh” or “Heil Hitler” on their hands, arms, chests and backs.

Strangely, the volunteer tried to defend her tattoos in the PBS website comment section by claiming that her family followed “Celtic religious beliefs”. However, that would not explain the “88” Heil Hitler tattoo at all.*

Trump is now openly associating with white supremacists, and continues to pander to racists as a core element of his support. This PBS report is simply one more undeniable data point in making that case.

[note – this volunteer is 33 years old and never voted before – not a lifelong Republican or conservative. Just a white-supremacy-tattoo-wearing Trump fanatic]

*(“Celtic religious beliefs” — some racists have made so-called “churches” out of Celtic pagan beliefs mixed with Nazism, Odinism and bits of Aryan racist dogma. One infamous example was mass murderer Benjamin Nathaniel Smith, a neo-Nazi who killed a black man, a Korean man, and wounded six Orthodox Jews and a Taiwanese man in 1999.)