Fraud Lawsuits Could Interrupt Donald's Campaign

Donald has threatened birther-conspiracy lawsuits, claiming they could hold up Cruz’s campaign or prevent Cruz from taking office if elected.

However, the person who actually has a trial date looming in his near future is Donald himself, as two fraud cases against Trump University in San Diego wind their way toward a day in court.

In December, U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel stated at a scheduling hearing that the fraud cases against Donald were the oldest on his docket, and it was time to schedule for trial. Donald’s genius former OJ Simpson attorney, Daniel Petrocelli, asked the judge to postpone the trial until AFTER JULY. Because the Donald needs time to campaign leading up to the convention. So the judge is considering an August trial date. The final pre-trial conference is currently scheduled for May 6, 2016.

The Republican Convention will end on July 21st, and the Dems will end their Convention on July 28th. Just at the time that the Republican nominee should start laying out his message to the general electorate – Donald, if nominated, could be headed to a fraud trial.

Just at the time that the Obama-media-machine starts their billion dollar firing squad on the Republican candidate – Donald, if nominated, could be walking into a fraud trial. Defending his company’s practice of charging $1,400 to $35,000 per head for thousands of students to take highly questionable get-rich real estate classes from his “University”.

Talk about a nightmare scenario for the GOPe.

For Ted Cruz – one of the greatest appellate litigators of our time – facing a nutjob birther conspiracy case could be a minor speed bump in comparison.

The Republican Party may want to heed the words of Cruz at a recent debate – “don’t take legal advice from Donald Trump”.

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