Congratulations, American Voting Public...Here Is What YOU Voted For Yesterday

Four more years. That’s what the American voting public just handed Barack Obama.

You voters in Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania and beyond…TAKE A BOW…this is what you have just handed the rest of America:

1. Obamacare…now cemented into law, affirmed by that idiot John Roberts, will begin to creep into our lives like a stalker in the night. For working Americans, this reality means being forced to purchase health insurance or pay new taxes. It means the watering down and ultimate dismantling of the greatest health care system on Earth as the most inefficient manager of fiscal resources in the history of the planet takes it over.

2. Persistent (and inevitably growing) U6 unemployment. Does that 7.9% U3 unemployment give you warm and fuzzies, people? I sure hope it does…because with the requirements of Obamacare rapidly approaching, you can expect businesses to continue to hire and adjust positions as they have since Obamacare was signed into law. That is, hiring part-time workers and forcing the American public (the portion that isn’t too lazy to work, that is) to work 2-4 (or more) part-time jobs to put bread on the table. But what does it matter that you will be working tirelessly driving from job to job? At least you’ll have free overpriced, government-run healthcare…courtesy of your re-election of Barack Obama.

3. $4-5/gallon gasoline. Thus far, the U.S government has succeeded in convincing the American public that goods and services priced in dollars have not been subject to inflation. Never mind that gas costs about twice what it did four years ago. Never mind that food costs exponentially more than it once did. But mark my words…you will feel the pounding impact of the massive devaluation of our dollar with each passing month. Our debt is climbing at a rate that our economy, growing at a paltry 1-2% each quarter, simply cannot sustain. But really, what do you care about that? You need your goodies from the federal government taxpayers and China…and Barack Obama was just the man to keep you dependent on them.

Of course, there is always the chance that the economy will fall off the cliff…and oil prices will sink like a stone in the ocean. Because, you know, that was SO good for the country when it last happened. I don’t think this nation’s fragile economy can stand another round of Obama’s economic destruction, but the country no longer cares about that…until we sink into recession/depression.

Oh, and as for energy independence, FORGET IT. Gone will be the Keystone Pipeline or any hope of increasing domestic production, which would have sent a message to OPEC and the rest of the crooks in the Middle East. Now we become more and more dependent on people who murder our soldiers and other patriots.

4. The continued acquiescence to Islamic radicals and other tyrants across the globe. Welcome to four more years of bowing to the most evil, threatening elements across the globe…all of whom can’t wait for the U.S to crumble and burn. But they’re worlds away from us, the American public…except, of course, when they burn our embassies, murder our ambassadors, and our government lies and covers it up…aided mightily by an adoring media who doesn’t give a s**t.

5. Massive debt. Nothing says “I could care less about the future of my children” than voting back into office a man who is picking their pockets…even before they have left elementary school. But why should this surprise us? This country handed senate seats to politicians in MO and IN who endorse, through their political support or in policy, the murdering of children before they have the chance to be born. And Joe Donnelly, spare me the song and dance about being pro-life. You run with Democrats, you bed with them. Don’t swim in a sewer and tell me you don’t smell like waste.

6. More Supreme Court justices like Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Personal freedom and liberty? Personal property and prosperity? Remember them with fondness as they dwindle in our rear-view mirror.

I have barely scratched the surface as to what last night means for America.

You know, some on our side will be tempted to blame the GOP establishment…blame Romney…blame the media…

You know what? I’m done pointing the finger at superficial elements. Last night happened due to one element and one element only:


YOU asked for this, voting public.

YOU left the country in darkness for four more long years.

YOU put your trust in a left-wing radical who hates what made America the greatest nation on Earth…a radical who will turn this country into a larger-than-life replica of Greece. You think there are spoiled brats in Greece crying because they aren’t getting their free taxpayer-funded goodies? Wait until unsustainable becomes reality in this country and our debt-to-GDP ratio buries our economy…watch what happens when the spoiled brats who sent Obama back to the White House throw their tantrums. The riots will make the Vietnam War protests look like a picnic.

Most of all, YOU, American voting public, and YOU ALONE will be held responsible for what America becomes. When businesses begin paring down their workforces or closing their doors…when the food becomes so expensive that your massively-devalued dollar can no longer pay for it…when China replaces the U.S as the premier economic power and the yuan replaces the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

When these things come to pass, I want YOU, the American public, to remember that YOU were responsible for this devolution. It is likely that, like Obama, you will point the finger at another when it happens. But sooner or later, you will have no one left to point a finger at. When all the money has left the United States and all that is left is a smoldering shell of what once was, you’ll know exactly who is responsible for failing to save the nation when she needed you most.