Indiana Hoosiers STAMPEDE To The Voting Stations On Election Day

WOW…and to think some on our side doubt where today is heading.

Radio stations here in the Hoosier State are reporting massive Election Day turnout, even as early voting was thought to be down from 2008.

For those keeping count: The Obama people were counting on large numbers of early voters to cushion the fall when Election Day rolled around. In reality, that didn’t happen…not by a long shot.

But this is Election Day…and I no longer believe…I KNOW today is going to change the course of history. We will take back the White House, Senate, and the direction of this country today…and it won’t even be close.

But don’t take my word for it. Have a look at Indiana Hoosiers in the smallest of towns early this morning:



FYI, I had to step out of line to take that first picture…and the parking lot is completely packed. The line in the first picture (click for full picture) extended around the right corner. It was amazing. In all my years covering Indiana politics, I can’t remember this sort of excitement and eagerness to vote. We have voter enthusiasm on our side, my friends.

There are countless Romney/Ryan and Mourdock signs across the state. In the aforementioned polling place, the talk was overwhelmingly excited where Romney is concerned.

Yes, yes…I know…this is Indiana, not exactly a battleground state. But take note of the overwhelming enthusiasm on display here. Our side is getting our people to the voting booths in droves.

Work to the finish, my friends…NEVER STOP WORKING UNTIL THE FIGHT IS WON!

Yours in conservatism,