THIS is What the Unhinged Left Looks Like on the Eve of an Historic Election Loss

…and it couldn’t have been delivered by a more delicious source: the left’s own economics darling, NYT columnist and Nobel Laureate, Paul “the world as it should be, not reality” Krugman:


You’re Stupid If You Think It’s Close


Yes…that’s right…the “great” Paul Krugman, writing for the New York Times, is calling anyone who thinks the election doesn’t currently reflect an impending Obama blowout STUPID.

And who does Krugman cite in defending his oh-so-brilliant assertion? Why it’s none other than fellow left-wing pundit, Daily Kos blogger and poll cherry-picker, Nate Silver.

In other words, according to an Obama acolyte relying on the prediction of another, Obama is winning big…and anyone who doesn’t recognize this is…STUPID.

You know, I am reminded of my first substitute teaching gig at an Indiana high school back before the 2000 Election. I had a high school class that was intent upon discussing the election. I asked them to give me a show of hands as to who they were supporting:

Gore: 20

Bush : 1

I then asked the students to come list on the board, without any source materials to help them, the reasons they supported their candidates. Here is what I got:

Gore supporters: Bush is stupid; Bush is a communist (no joking here); Bush wants to kill old people; Bush is a smoker

Bush supporter: Bush is pro-life; Bush believes in low taxes

I then told the students to take their seats and cast their gazes on the board. I further tasked them with reading the party platforms, which I had brought with me, for 15 minutes. We had a re-vote:

Gore: 3

Bush: 18

In Krugman – and nearly every other committed leftist – I see the following sentiments shouted from the rooftops:


THAT is what Krugman and Silver – to say nothing of Obama – are really saying when we discredit their left-leaning polls and point out early voting and enthusiasm advantages by Republicans heading into Election Day. Never mind what you are witnessing with your own eyes as the GOP is engaged in historic GOTV efforts that are already damaging Obama’s chances of re-election. Don’t you know that these POLLS POLLS POLLS are correct? You know, the polls from the NYT and NBC?

Here’s a little newsflash for you, Paulie:

The American public choosing greatness instead of Greece is not “stupid”, it’s SANITY. You’d best enjoy your last remaining weeks of an Obama presidency (AND Democrat senate) while you can. The strong, principled American public is coming to take the country back. To believe anything otherwise is stupid not realistic.