CBS News/NYT Poll: Romney Leading Independents by 12 Points

As Captain America said, I can do this all day…

Another day, another skewed poll we get to shoot holes into. This time, it’s the CBS News/NYT poll:

Total respondents: 898

Democrat sample: 321 (36%)

Republican sample: 242 (27%)

Independent sample: 335 (37%)

For liberals trolling RedState, that’s a 9-point Dem over-sampling count.

Romney wins Independents by TWELVE (12) POINTS…wins on the economy, the deficit, even immigration…yet Obama leads 48-47?

Amidst a sea of polls skewed to favor Obama, this one may take the prize. CBS News/NYT pollsters have officially entered bizarro world with this disgrace of a polling sample.

I will say this: Romney winning Independents by 12 points = LANDSLIDE victory a week from today…BANK IT.

Keep up the great work, fellow conservatives. Let’s fight to the finish and take this country back!