ABC/WaPo Poll: Romney Leads Independents by 10%

Oh sure, I know…that won’t be the headline of the most recent ABC/WaPo poll. The headline will be 49-49 tie.

What the news accompanying the poll also won’t tell you is the following (verbatim from the poll transcript):

“Partisan divisions in this survey, Democrats-Republicans-independents, are 35-28-34 percent among likely voters.”

“Independents are customarily a more changeable group, as they’re less anchored by partisanship. They now divide 53-43 percent in Romney’s favor. Independents are a more GOP-leaning group now than in 2008”

Source: http://www.langerresearch.com/uploads/1143a8TrackingNo8.pdf

In other words, ABC/WaPo had to slant this LV sample +7 Dem to achieve their desired result…which is the illusion of a tied race when Romney is clearly leading. This poll even has Romney winning the 94% of the GOP vote, while Obama wins Dems by a lesser 91%.

But the race is TIED, folks…yep…it’s tied…when Obama has lower support among his own party and loses Indies by 10 points.

It’s tied…in FANTASY LAND.

I’m telling you, folks: This race is ours to win so long as keep our intensity and get our people to the voting booth. Democrats and the media/polling firms trying to drive their false narratives are increasingly desperate. They know defeat is knocking on their door, but I don’t want defeat.

I want this guy TROUNCED.

I want him to lose not just North Carolina, Florida, Virginia and Ohio, but also Wisconsin…and Michigan…and Pennsylvania…and Nevada…

…and Iowa…and New Hampshire.

(By the way, he has already lost my beloved Hoosier State. I’d be shocked if he is within 10 points on Election Day)

I want our GOTV effort to be so overwhelming that it deters the next fluffy leftist who seeks to destroy this country and turn it into Greece.

I want to send a message loud and clear: AMERICA IS BACK.

God bless America. We continue to work to save her future until the battle is won a week from Tuesday.