(NOT) BREAKING: Obama leads in OH Poll Where Dems are MASSIVELY Over-Sampled

I’m sorry…I refuse to allow phony polls to sweep the narrative away from an increasingly-likely humiliating (and necessary) Obama defeat in a little less than two weeks. There is just too much at stake to allow the media and biased pollsters to sway swing voters with their misleading polling results.

Time magazine released on OH poll today showing Obama winning Ohio 49-44. What the headline, as usual, does not elucidate is the massive over-sampling of Democrats that took place.

As per the internals (the BOTTOM of the internals), the party ID of those included in this sample was:

37% Democrat

29% Independent

28% Republican


So once again, the national media grabs a poll in a crucial swing state and runs with it…knowing full well that it MASSIVELY over-samples Democrats.

In case you are wondering, Rasmussen has this race 48-48 in OH as of today…and his record of accuracy in the 2008 presidential election was solid gold. Rasmussen also has Romney leading by 4 points nationally (5 points in swing states), with Gallup showing Romney with a 3 point lead. Oh, and as for that 50+ Obama JAR, it is widely known that Obama wins the non-voting adult population by a large margin. Sadly for him, that matters not when those people don’t bother to vote. Gallup’s JAR samples ADULTS, not LVs (or even RVs).

Don’t expect the media (even on our side) to point this out, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to allow it to pass without so much as a mention on this blog.

Keep working, my friends! We have a path to victory and a terrific candidate in Romney, but the battle is far from won.