Obamacare By the Numbers: It Isn't a Pretty Picture for the Working Class


The preceding website gives some maddening insight into just how much Barack Obama’s health care law, stamp of approval courtesy of John Roberts, will cost working-class families.

Some background:

My family does not have health insurance by choice. This is because my wife and I pooled resources prior to having children in anticipation of health care costs and have nearly always paid reduced prices to health care providers who prefer cash to dealing with various insurance entities and delayed payments. In comparison to the costs of premiums calculated over a decade, we have done quite well with this choice.

In 2014 Obamacare will roll into our lives. Thanks to a calculator posted on the Washington Post’s website, I can now see just how much this law will cost us whether we choose to purchase a premium or not. Here are the results:

Do we have insurance now? NO

Am I under 26 years old? NO

Household number? 5

AGI (Adjusted Gross Income)? $75,062 (hardly wealthy for a family of 5…even living in Indiana)

Marital status? Married

The result? Feast your eyes on THIS:

1. Starting in 2014:You will have the option of buying a health plan through your state’s exchange with federal assistance. Based on your income, your annual premiums for that plan would be no more than $6,042 to $7,131.

2. If you do not obtain insurance coverage by 2014 you will be assessed a tax penalty. The penalty becomes progressively greater from 2014 through 2016, when it reaches full strength. At that point, assuming your current income remains the same and your household consists of 2 uninsured adults and 3 uninsured children, your family would be subject to a penalty of about $2,085.

WHAT A LAW! I have the option of either funneling 9.5% of my pre-tax income into the pockets of an insurance company or nearly 3% into the pockets of the federal government. FYI, that 3% would pretty much cover my yearly gasoline bill to and from work each day. That 9.5% is more than my yearly house payment and natural gas bill COMBINED.

In other words, my house payment will more than DOUBLE if I choose the premium model. From a cost perspective, I would be a fool to choose anything but the tax penalty.

And therein rests the design of the law. These creeps KNOW most working Americans and small businesses will opt for the tax. It is an end-run around the direct levying of a tax because Democrats know how unpopular taxes are in an election year (as 2010 was when they moved the bill through to law and 2012 when they now have to defend it).

In my estimation, Republicans need to hammer this issue 24/7/365. THIS IS A TAX INCREASE ON WORKING FAMILIES…pure and simple…and the only way out is to buy something you didn’t have and do not need…something that costs THREE TIMES MORE than the tax.

Of course, this monstrosity only remains if Americans vote to allow it to continue. Right now, RCP has Obama ahead by an average of 3.7%…to which I respond:


Are you going to stand for this?

Are you REALLY going to allow Barack Obama to dictate to you what you will buy with your hard-earned jack?

Are you REALLY going to pay his new tax if you don’t buy that premium?

What happened to liberty and freedom? Are we REALLY going to allow Barack Obama and his merry band of Democrats to turn this great nation into the scourge that is the Eurozone?

If rubber-stamping this socialist agenda and trampling the freedoms that have been the blanket of this great republic constitute being an American, then I am ashamed to call myself one. Our greatness is under attack…and I, for one, will fight to the end to preserve my America from the Hoosier State and beyond. I have had more than enough and can contain my anger no more. My sincerest hope is that we will produce a swell of anger and discontent in the months to follow that will make 2010 look like a picnic for Democrats.

Yours in conservatism,