June 22 Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll: Romney 48%, Obama 43%...Only 33% Approve of Obama's handing of the Economy

Usually, daily tracking polls aren’t cause for eyebrow-raising since they tend to fluctuate a bit through the general election season. However, the new Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll released today reveals some disturbing numbers for the sitting soon-to-be-replaced president:

Overall match-up:

Romney 48% to Obama’s 43%

Obama Support Among White Voters:

35%, down from 43% in 2008

Percent of Likely Voters Saying Obama is Doing a Good or Excellent Job on the Economy:

33%, down from 41% at the beginning of May

…and most surprisingly, 17% of White Democrats plan to vote for Romney in November.

(Source: http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/obama_administration/daily_presidential_tracking_poll)

…or IS it a surprise?

I have contended that any Hispanic bump Obama may receive from his recent amnesty announcement will be counter-balanced (and then some) by the number of non-Hispanic voters who do not care for his dictatorial actions at the expense of the rule of law. These numbers, which would need overwhelming counter-balancing on the part of minority voters, are potentially devastating for Barack Obama’s reelection hopes…particularly when you consider that voters in many swing states in play this November –  FL, OH, IA, WI and MI (I don’t consider NC or MO to be in play for Obama this November) – will not take kindly to Obama usurping immigration policy that is already causing havoc in the United States.

The other thing that is obviously not lost on American voters is the flailing economy, which again released poor jobs numbers yesterday in the form of continued elevated jobless claims numbers. Econoday (2012) spells out the dire situation in graphic detail:

Initial claims in the June 16 week came in at 387,000 which is 4,000 higher than the Econoday consensus. The prior week is revised 3,000 higher to 389,000. Convincingly underscoring the lack of improvement is the 4-week average which shows a fourth straight increase with a 3,500 gain to 386,250 (prior revised to 382,750). The June 16 week was the survey week for the monthly employment report and a comparison between it and the month-ago survey week shows a 15,000 increase. This is a reading that will depress forecasts for June employment data. (p. 1)

Notwithstanding the obvious Bloomberg outlier poll that had liberals in a false state of euphoria, polling is not looking good for Obama heading toward what is almost certainly to be another weak jobs report released on July 6. Any time a sitting president polls at 43% against his challenger, he is almost certainly looking at a reelection butt-whoopin’. Mitt Romney and Republicans have but one central task at this point: STAY ON MESSAGE.

Obama is tossing as much spaghetti against the wall as he can – gay marriage, immigration – with the hope that Americans will be distracted from his terrible economy. While gay marriage and immigration are certainly important to conservatives, what is MORE important is removing this disgrace from the White House with all possible speed. The economy is one topic that resonates with ALL Americans, not just conservatives. Don’t let Obama define the narrative…then watch him sink and his party run from his record (as Joe Donnelly is trying to do here in Indiana) as November nears.

From the depths of academia,

Professor APA Guy


Econoday. (2012). Jobless Claims. Retrieved from: http://mam.econoday.com/byshoweventfull.asp?fid=450906&cust=mam&year=2012&lid=0#top

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