Even Bill Clinton Gets It: To Move the Economy Forward, Extend the Bush Tax Cuts

I never thought I’d sing the praises of Bill Clinton, but I find myself doing it a little more frequently lately.

Last week, he complimented Mitt Romney’s sterling business record…something I happen to agree with 100%.

Now, he throws some love in the direction of…George W. Bush?


Clinton told CNBC today that congress would be best off extending the Bush tax cuts, which are set to expire at the end of the year.

Of course, we all know that Clinton is correct. The tax cuts SHOULD be extended. What he gets wrong is the length they should be extended. That is, extended to infinity and beyond.

But the underlying reality here is the following:

Clinton GETS IT. That’s why he approved of capital gains tax cuts during his presidency on the cusp of unprecedented economic growth, and it’s why he now advocates extending tax cuts because he believes that current economic conditions represent that comparable to conditions during  a state of recession.

Obama, on the other hand, gets SQUAT. That’s the reason members of his party are fleeing from him like he has the plague. This clown is still running around the country doing what my seven year-old does when he spills the milk: He is blaming everyone from Bush to the Easter Bunny for the mess he created.

I am unsurprised that Clinton takes every opportunity to poke Obama in the eye…from praising Romney…to campaigning for Barrett in WI when Obama hid under his desk…to now pushing for a position on taxes that Obama despises. He has watched Obama throw tantrums like a spoiled child instead of working for solutions to economic problems. He has whined like a mule about those meanies in congress. Clinton? He only had to do battle with Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, Tom Delay, and a host of other tough cats who make this bunch look like the Little Rascals.

This is only the beginning, my conservative friends. At this rate, Clinton will be endorsing school vouchers by Independence Day. In the meantime, let’s double our efforts and make sure Indies get the word: Bill Clinton backs the Romney position that the Bush taxes should be extended. Barack Obama will raise your taxes. The differences couldn’t be clearer between the positions.

Tick Tock…tick tock, Mr. Obama…President Romney is looking more likely by the minute…