Miracles DO Happen: My Parents Voted Lugar OUT Today

This will not be a long diary, but I believe it is a harbinger of great fortune on this most important primary day in the great State of Indiana.

My parents and grandparents have been long-time supporters of Dick Lugar. They have voted for him religiously since 1976.

My grandparents have long since passed, but my parents remain…and they are approaching the age where they reflect upon the choices they have made and what they pass on to their children and grand-children.

With those considerations in mind, I first began speaking to them about the notion of replacing Lugar with Richard Mourdock a couple of months ago. They were, of course, hesitant to join this movement. Like many others in Indiana, they liked what they were familiar with. In this case, Richard Lugar has been like a political security blanket. As Republican and Democrat presidents and members of congress have come and gone, they knew they could always rely on Dick Lugar in the senate.

…that is, until they caught a glimpse of his voting record during the Obama presidency.

To be fair, I simply provided them with the evidence. I respect my elders – including my parents – and I told them up front that the decision is and always will be THEIRS as to who they support. But I gave them this warning: Who you send to congress directly reflects what sort of country you leave for your children, grand-children, and all who follow.

This morning, I awoke at 4a (as is my custom to help some of our elderly voters to the polls on election days) to find text messages from both parents. Their words?

Retire Lugar

Both parents…now divorced and barely speaking to each other (happily re-married though)…said the exact same thing in their messages.


Fellow Hoosiers, it’s GAME ON. Let’s GOTV and make things right for the sake of our country.

Edited to add:

My fellow RedStaters, I have NEVER seen such a swell of support for a Republican like I have seen for Richard Mourdock since Reagan was running for election and re-election. I traveled three random neighborhoods in Kokomo, Tipton and Noblesville here in North Central Indiana. I counted three Lugar signs and forty-five Mourdock signs…FORTY-FIVE.