Forget the Buffet Rule...The "Obama Rule" = Tax the WORKING

In the interest of brevity, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

According to the Treasury Department, Barack Obama’s so-called “Buffet Rule” will add a whopping $5 billion per year in revenues.

$5 billion…matched against a federal deficit projected to be close to $1.3 TRILLION. That’s less than a 0.5% dent in what has rapidly become the instrument of the decay of the value of the dollar (and the ballooning of oil and gas prices). As Billy Bob Thornton said in the movie Armageddon, that’s like shooting a BB gun at a freight train.

Is this an election year parlor trick? Of course it is. Barack Obama and the rest of his Chicago goon squad know how useless the Buffet Rule is from an economic standpoint. They know about divisiveness all too well, exploiting anyone and everything they can for their own selfish purposes.

What these clowns WON’T tell you is where they want to take the country: into a place where the federal government takes large amounts of money from those who work – ALL of us, not just the “1%” – and gives it to those who refuse to pull their fair share…a voting bloc that will forever be loyal because, quite frankly, they can’t survive if they are not. Obama also knows that he will have to come after middle-class Americans’ paychecks. Think making $50,000-80,000 exempts you? To those living off government assistance, THAT is wealthy. You will be expected to hand over increasingly larger amounts of taxes…in the interest of “fairness”.

One other disturbing trend:

Think about how tax policy has changed during the last 2 years. Sure, Obama kicked the can down the road on marginal tax rates, but what about the 2% reduction in FICA withholding? That money had to be made up per general funds i.e. marginal tax revenue.

In other words, now that Obama has created a generation of Americans dependent on government payouts, he is intent on making those payouts contingent upon GENERAL funds instead of FICA and other mandatory withholding. There will come a time when the two divisions of budget outlays, discretionary and mandatory, are merged into one…with workers making more than is deemed minimally necessary being soaked for EVERYTHING.

Think this all sounds CT-ish…far-fetched? WAKE UP…this is happening before our very eyes…and with very little fanfare nationally. In fact, it has already begun.

One thing more…and I don’t want to hit this one too hard because this is not a Romney diary, but it bears stating:

If you are a conservative hell-bent on standing on your purity soap-box through November, DON’T. 2012 is far more important than sitting at home wishing the primaries had turned out differently. Mitt Romney is our candidate and only chance to move Obama out of office.

Will Romney be better than Obama? There is no certainty, only opportunity. I think he will be. But what I do know is this:

If we sit at home wishing for something better (or worse, saying “Well, in 2016, we’ll choose a more conservative candidate”…because that worked out SOOO well for us after 2008), Obama gets reelected. While Romney may be better than Obama should he get elected, if Obama is reelected, Obama II will, at minimum, be as bad or worse than Obama I. That is a FACT…a fact that this great republic can’t afford to realize after it’s too late. The America we know and love will cease to be that great beacon of freedom. We owe our children and grandchildren better than that.