It's time for McCain to take off the kid gloves.

**Barrack Obama’s finance advisor is Frank Raines, the CEO of the failed Ginny Mae Corp. Read all about how the Republicans tried to avert the financial crisis we face today at www.newsmax.com.

Barrack’s campaign funding needs a critical eye, foriegn contributions and fraudulant credit card activities topping the list.

Barrack Obama and William Ayers were both associated with ACORN, the orginization responsible for fraudulent voter registrations, and Obama worked for them when he was a community organizer.

*Redistribution of wealth *is one of Obama’s goals. If a business makes over $250,000, it will be taxed at a higher rate. I know that a $250,000 business is a very small business. I employ only 5 people and I make more than that. But I can tell you that if Obama becomes president, and the liberals have their way with higher taxes, no one will work for me, because I can run this business alone, and would be happy with half the money. I only employ these people to make my life easier. If I have to give away my hard earned capitol to the government, I simply will downsize. I am sure other small business owners feel the same way. There will be no jobs.

National health care will be the burden of small business also. It simply won’t work.

We can’t socialize our government if we want a strong economy.