Time to stop blaming Limbaugh

One of the most interesting developments in the aftermath of the Romney loss is the circular firing squad that has formed as conservatives and consultants lay blame at the feet of others. I have yet to hear anybody of any stature that was involved in the loss accept any accountability for what should have been a slam dunk on Election Day. At the heart of the scapegoating seems to be the most usual suspect, Rush Limbaugh. It would do the conservative movement well to step back and think for a moment how conservatism would look WITHOUT Rush. I can remember the first time I heard Rush on the radio, it was 1989. I was 14 and the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants were both in the middle of pennant races. One night I switched my AM dial over to the local Giants station in San Francisco, KNBR sports radio. The game went into extra innings and when it was finally over after midnight I simply turned off my clock radio. When I woke up the next morning expecting to hear a recap of the game I was shocked. In fact at first I thought it was some kind of a joke. Here was so done talking the same way my Dad did but he had an audience, and I remember my first reaction being “Is this even legal? Is this guy allowed to do this?” I immediately called my father and asked him to turn him on, thinking it would be over and it was just some type of commercial. As the minutes went on and Rush went to break I realized he was on for the whole hour and I listened intently to every word. Coming to the understanding later that it was his show and it would actually be on again tomorrow was shocking to me. Here was a man talking about things I believed in! As the months and years went on I turned everybody I could on to Rush, and watched as people like Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage and Mark Levin built off of the Rush foundation. Indeed years later the alternative media is now poised to become a major force in the United States. Make no mistake; Rush started this movement, without him places like red state, human events, MRC, Patriot radio and the blaze would not be possible. It’s time to give it a rest folks. We all collectively own this loss and the only way to avoid it again is to work diligently at the local level to talk conservatism and federalism at any give opportunity. Enough with the circular firing squad, we need to be pointing this artillery at the archaic failed Marxist policies of the early 20th century that is the modern day progressive movement. The sooner the better.