Time to just go for the Jugular

As we all sit and ponder how to flip 60,000 votes in Ohio, Colorado and Virginia and 30,000 voters in Florida I can’t help but pose a question in my first diary post here at red state: Is it possible to actually change the minds of 1.2 million Californian’s and thereby completely upend the electoral map? Before you cast me off as completely displaced from reality consider these facts:

1. The last Democratic Governor that didn’t have the last name Brown and wasn’t recalled in this State completed his term it in 1943. The Democrat party largely controls the state because the GOP here has no idea which way is up and which way is down.

2. The residents of the State recently formed a circular firing squad by deciding to raise taxes on themselves in a stunning display of class warfare that will no doubt trickle down to all residents in the next few years and cause residents to actually wonder what is going on with the bottomless hole that is the California Budget.

3. Charismatic straight talking Republican’s win here on a regular basis. Don’t believe me? Ask Richard Riordan, George Deukmejian, Pete Wilson, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

4. Contrary to what is being portrayed in the media, as a resident of California I refuse to believe the notion that Hispanic folks come here so they can get on the states welfare services. By and large they come here to work and earn money, something not available to do in Mexico and Central America.

5. Californian’s are Libertarian by nature, not Statists (like the modern democratic party).

6. Perhaps the most important of all factors here is that the Democratic party now has a filibuster proof majority in the state chambers, rendering the governor useless.

Now is the time for the Libertarian and Conservative right to prepare California for a return to it’s Conservative roots and in doing so the wave that would follow would flip the swing states back to where they belong. In order for this to happen we would only need to follow the template put in front of us by our current President. After all I thought he was from Hawaii, not Illinois? Transplating someone into the state or better yet seeking them out here. If we are building a Candidate SHE would be Hispanic, from humble roots, probably put herself through law school, has some real world business experience, can speak fluent Spanish, is not afraid to interview on Univision, is not afraid of talking in churches in the inner city, knows how to organize communities, and believes in the American Dream as we all see it. California’s Governorship will be ripe for the picking in 2 years. My wish list candidate is out there right now, she just needs to be found and nurtured. After that, would it really be that hard to see a Republican Governor from California becoming President?