5th poll today shows Rubio with Huge Momentum in Florida! [UPDATE: 6th Suffolk Poll confirms!]

A new Washington Post poll today once again shows Rubio within 7pts of overtaking Trump in Florida.  The MoE is 5.5pts so Rubio and Trump are virtually head to head tied going into March 15:

  1. Trump: 37%
  2. Rubio: 31%
  3. Cruz: 19%
  4. Kasich: 4%

For the 4 past polls, se my previous diary.  As I predicted, Kasich would be 5% or less.  Cruz voters are smarter than you or I think, and they will coalesce behind Rubio as well, so see Cruz coming in at less than 15%.  With Rubio up in early voting, I think Rubio really pulls this one out.

This is the 5th good poll for Rubio in a matter of 1.5 weeks.  With one good debate, Rubio’s gonna win this one folks :-).

(PS: Since Kasich failed to get onto Pennsylvania ballots, Rubio is in this for the long haul once he wins Florida.)

[Update: there’s a 6th poll from Suffolk University that also shows single digits!!!  No wonder Trump is ignoring Cruz and turning all his fire towards Rubio.  Trump knows once Rubio is out his path to 1237 is clear.]