Trump: Nancy Reagan "was never really beautiful"

Here’s a shocking quote from our Republican Frontrunner Donald Trump:

“[Nancy Reagan] was never very beautiful.” — Trump

Why would Donald Trump say that?  It’s because he primarily views women through sexual lenses.  Watch this video (skip the David Duke stuff):


Here’s a small list of Trump’s quotes about women (most in the video above):

  • “Women like being treated badly [cheated on]… It’s sick isn’t it?”
  • “[Every vagina] is a potential landmine.  It’s a dangerous world out there.”
  • “[Avoiding STDs] was my personal Vietnam.”
  • “The few!  The few uninfected [women]!”
  • “I’d rather do Whoopi than an [infected] Andersen.”
  • “A person who is very flat-chested is hard to be a 10.”

That is why Trump never found Nancy Reagan to be a beautiful woman.  Trump’s definition of beauty is skin-deep because Trump is really an amoral man at heart.    In fact, Trump is the very antithesis of character, morality, and integrity; sadly, he is also on the doorstep to being the Republican nominee, unless Republican voters see him for his true colors.  SPREAD THIS VIDEO AND THESE QUOTES WIDELY!