Rubio within 6pts in latest Florida poll. Time to roll!!!

The latest Florida poll released today shows just a major shift to Rubio in the closing week of the Florida Primary:

  1. Trump: 33%
  2. Rubio: 27%
  3. Cruz: 16%
  4. Kasich: 12%

So we have 4 polls now in the past 2 weeks which show:

Trump vs Rubio: Trump +5, Trump +7, Trump +8, and now Trump+6.

I could care less whether Cruz stays in at this point … Cruz is in for a beatdown in Florida.

Kasich voters are more reasonable and are more likely to coalesce behind the Anti-Trump in the coming week.  So I see the same thing happening as what happened in Mississippi with Rubio — Kasich will end up with 6-7%.

Given that Rubio is winning early voters decisively (43% to 22% in southern Florida), I see an easy 5pt win for Rubio in Florida.

Miami Debate here we come!!