Dear Ted Cruz: Cease and Desist on Florida

Senator Cruz,

I know that you are a principled conservative.  You, more than others, would probably give up everything you have to ensure that SCOTUS doesn’t drift permanently leftward, because if that day ever comes, many of our basic American freedoms — the freedom of speech, our religious liberties, and our right to defend ourselves — would likely be gone for good.

I also know that you know that if Donald Trump were the Republican nominee, he would be utterly vanquished by Hillary Clinton.  You know that Trump has -51pt unfavorability ratings among Hispanics.  You know that Trump would turn out droves of women — to vote against him (even as they hold their noses to vote for Hillary).  You know that if Trump were to have a chance of winning, he would have to win 7 out of 10 white males.  You know that Trump would lose to Hillary in an electoral landslide.

As you have mentioned time and time again, you also don’t trust Trump to nominate SCOTUS judges.  Remember, Trump donated to Carter and Kerry and Hillary.  I heartily applauded you when you made a refreshing statement:

“Marco is not my enemy. Marco and I are friends. Marco and I would both make a much better candidate and a much better president than would Donald.”

Why are you overtly then trying to play spoiler in Florida to your friend Marco? I’m not telling you to concede to Marco in Florida or to endorse him.  But you made a very deliberate decision to send a signal that you would try your hardest to play SPOILER.  You know that this is Marco’s home state and that you have NO chance to win in Florida.  It’s Trump vs. Marco in Florida.  Just like it’s Trump vs Kasich in Ohio.  It could be Trump vs. you in Missouri.

Why do you want to increase the odds of Trump winning more delegates?  Is it only because it might increase your odds a tiny bit of coming out on top?  You should know that your actions here dramatically increase the odds that Trump wins the nomination outright.  Trump must be stopped in Ohio and Florida to reset the race and give you, Senator Rubio, and Governor Kasich an outsider’s chance of winning the nomination.

Please do the right thing for America.  Can you honestly tell your children in 10 years (after SCOTUS has been filled with 8 liberal justices) that you did the right thing in playing SPOILER and throwing Florida (and ultimately the nomination) to Donald Trump?


Anteater (a former Huckabee supporter on RedState in 2008, who I now despise now that he has sold out to Trump — I hope you don’t do the same!)