NEW TRUMP BOMBSHELL (VIDEO): Sex, Racism, Immigration, ObamaCare, and more

Trump is running ahead because most Republicans don’t really know his shocking positions and statements he has made on a variety of issues. The video below “tells it like it is” and shows Trump’s true character from his own words:



Trump’s devastating comments in this video:

  1. “David Duke just joined: a bigot, a racist, a problem” … “I don’t know anything about David Duke.”
  2. “Women like being treated badly … it’s sick isn’t it?”
  3. “I want to get rid of that house.  Who cares?”
  4. “I hired [polish illegals] 35 years ago!”
  5. “[Americans] don’t want those [Florida jobs]”
  6. “I love the mandate.”  … “The government’s gonna pay for it.”
  7. “It’s ok to know it’s Mussolini. Mussolini is Mussolini.”