Trump on Immigration: "In your heart, we're dealing with lives, you have to do the right thing."

Virtually nobody has seen Trump’s pro-amnesty immigration remarks in a 2013 Family Leadership Summit (skip to 5:35):


TRUMP: “Now, when it comes to immigration, you have to do the right thing.  In your own heart, you’re dealing with lives, you’re dealing with human beings, you have to do the right thing.

TRUMP: “I hear 11 million illegals.  If you do something, just remember, every one of those people virtually will be voting Democratic.  And whether Senator Rubio is leading the immigration fight or not, it’s irrelevant.  They are just going to be voting Democratic. That’s the way it is.”

TRUMP: “Do what’s right, but be very careful, because it could be a death wish of the Republican party. You’re talking about 11 million people, and you’re not going to get those votes.  So you have to be a little bit careful.  It’s very very important to the Republican party.”

TRUMP: “So that’s immigration. Complicated. So many different levels of fairness and unfairness.  But it has to be handled properly”

Obviously, when Trump said “do what’s right” he meant letting those 11 million stay in the US.  Let’s consider a few other facts:

  • In 2013, Trump also met with immigrant activists and dreamers from the pro-amnesty Bridge Project (“dedicated to opposing the conservative movement’s extreme ideology”) and Trump told them “you’ve convinced me” on immigration.
  • In 1991, when building Trump Towers, Trump was found legally guilty of hiring illegal immigrants and then cheating them of their pay (NYT article).
  • At his resorts, 95% of the time Trump uses foreign service workers with H visas, instead of hiring Americans who needed the work (see RedState expose).
  • Trump actually favors “expedited” touch-back amnesty even today, which is probably the most expensive way to do amnesty (article).

And now Trump is saying that he will get Mexico to pay for a wall and that all illegal immigrants must be deported.  Clearly he has contradicted himself just within the past few years in order to get votes.  If Trump can’t be trusted on his signature issue — immigration — when can he be trusted?

(For an extensive list of Trump’s fatal flaws — sex, money, power — see previous diary.)