Trump's Failures Exposed: Sex, Money, Power


After reading the exit polling from South Carolina tonight, what stands out is that Trump is doing unreasonably well among evangelicals and is doing very well among people who want candidates who “tell it like it is”.  Also, many “low-information” voters are flocking to Trump because they think he has the star power and strength to beat Hillary.  If one wants to defeat Trump in the primary, one cannot solely point to Trump’s policy positions (many of which are liberal) or his apparent inconsistencies (because he knows how to weasel out of them).  One must instead attack the core of Trump’s magnetism: 1) voters trust Trump; 2) Trump will “shake things up” in Washington; 3) Trump cares about the “common person”; 4) Trump is a winner; 5) Trump will “make America great again.”  In this diary, I will show how to rebut these false beliefs with indisputable facts and video footage.  Video is critical when pinning down a candidate.

1: Voters cannot trust Trump — he’s a fraudster

2: Trump will not “shake up” Washington — his ideas preserve establishment status quo

  • Trump will not touch entitlements — no entitlement reform from his own mouth.
  • Trump has donated tons of money to Democrats.
  • Trump is comfortable playing the establishment role.
  • Trump cannot “shake up” Washington anyways because of partisan gridlock — see Arnold Schwarzeneggar who made the same exact promises in California and failed.

3: Trump does not care about the common person — he cares about what benefits him

4: Trump is not a winner — really he is a sore loser

  • Trump filed for bankruptcy 4 times.
  • Trump once agreed with Howard Stern: “Women like being treated badly” (VIDEO)
  • See the fraudulent “Trump University” above.
  • Trump will LOSE BIG to Hillary (see RealClearPolitics).  Rubio would be much more electable.  The reason?  Trump only has 18% favorability among Latinos, and to win the general, one needs to clear the 40% Latino vote (which Bush cleared in 2004).  Remember that Trump does not support “birthright citizenship” which only hurts him in the general election.  Granted, Trump could be a little stronger than other Republican candidates among African Americans, but that strength would be negated by Clinton whose ties are much closer.  Plus, Hillary will certainly use the vulgar Trump/Stern videos above (see The View for a preview of the attack).

5: Trump will not “make America great again” — he doesn’t know what made America great in the first place.

  • Trump is an areligious man who doesn’t ask God for forgiveness because he think he doesn’t make mistakes.  (See all of his mistakes above)
  • Trump is simply not a conservative.  Do your own research on this — new stuff comes out every day.
  • Also see points in #1, #2, #3, and #4.

What are the common themes here?  Sex, money, and power.  This is absolutely the best way to undermine Trump’s appeal.  Trump is an amoral greedy billionaire who has scammed thousands of Americans and cannot be trusted.