Latest South Carolina Poll: Trump and Rubio tied, within Margin of Error

A new Fox poll conducted by OpinionSavvy now shows Trump and Rubio within the margin of error in South Carolina, one day ahead of the primary:

  1. Trump: 27%
  2. Rubio: 24%
  3. Cruz: 19%
  4. Bush: 11%
  5. Carson: 8%
  6. Kasich: 7%
  7. Undecided: 4%

MoE: 3.5%.  Polling days: February 18-19

Compare this to the poll done by OpinionSavvy just one week ago

  1. Trump: 36%
  2. Cruz: 19%
  3. Rubio: 15%
  4. Bush: 11%
  5. Kasich: 9%
  6. Carson: 5%
  7. Undecided: 5%

It looks like Trump really hurt himself in the last SC debate, and Rubio was the beneficiary.  This poll doesn’t  take into consideration Trump’s poor town hall performance and recent revelations that he flip-flopped on the Iraq war.  With the Haley endorsement and the struggling campaign of Jeb Bush, as well as the undecideds probably breaking for Rubio, Rubio is poised for a very big night in South Carolina on Saturday.