Trump is DOA in the General Election. He will LOSE.

Trump has consistently lost head-to-head national matchups with Clinton and Sanders. This is not a matter of debate. He is losing -5pts to Clinton which would be an electoral landslide. See all the polls where Trump is tanking at RealClearPolitics here.  Compare to Rubio who is +4pts vs Clinton — that’s almost a net 10pt swing between Trump and Rubio!

Worse yet, Trump is getting pummeled in battleground states like Virginia, where Trump consistently loses by double digits to Clinton or Sanders.  Compare Trump vs Rubio.

Trump is a divisive candidate.  He already has the highest unfavorabilities among Latinos of all candidates — that cannot be debated.  See this Gallup poll where Trump has -50pts unfavorabilities.  Remember Bush won 40% of the Latino vote and barely won, and Romney got around 23% and lost.  Trump will struggle to even get to 20%.



Trump can never win in the general election.  Even if he does, his Supreme Court justices would be in the mold of his sister, a social liberal who supports partial-birth abortion.