Did Cruz just call our 220lb Male soldiers "psychopaths"? [UPDATE: NOPE, Harwood misquoted him]

I like Cruz — he is a principled conservative.  But sometimes he goes off-message and is not disciplined enough in his rhetoric.  He was just quoted by John Harwood:

“Cruz says registering women for draft raises specter of forcing his and voters’ daughters into foxholes with 220-pound male psychopaths”

Either he doesn’t know what a foxhole is (which is troubling), or he thinks some of our 220-pound Male soldiers are “psychopaths“, or John Harwood is making this all up.

We know there were professional video cameras at the event.  For Senator Cruz’s benefit, he should release that clip to absolve him of this either apparent mis-quote (or something worse, a “loose-cannon comment”).  We all know Hillary will use this line of attack if Cruz becomes the nominee — Sen. Cruz needs to get out in front right now and clarify.  Also, please take a page out of the Rubio playbook and stick to your conservative message.

[UPDATE: See the full context of the quote — looks like Harwood misquoted him and doubled-down on it].