Ask Your Church To Show This Video Clip

This video can be legally shown at church as it does not endorse any candidate. Please ask your church to show this video on Sunday morning (high resolution version is here).

It is shocking to hear that McCain and Obama are in a dead-heat among “born again Christians” (see Barna Poll).I believe it is because some Christians are terribly misinformed about the radical agenda that Obama seeks to implement:

  1. Obama supports partial-birth abortion and wants to undo all pro-life legislation in this nation through the Freedom of Choice Act.

  2. Obama opposes bans on same-sex marriage and wants to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act signed by President Clinton.

  3. Obama wants to nominate liberal pro-abortion Supreme Court Justices.

  4. Obama supports homosexual adoption as well as the teaching of same-sex marriage to “2nd graders” (this is exactly what he said in a primary debate).

From these facts alone, no “born-again Christian” should even consider voting for a man who holds such “anti-Christian” positions. You can play a significant role in bringing attention to these issues by asking your church to show this video clip on Sunday.

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