October 27: Reclaim the "Lost Monday" of the GOP Convention

Due to Hurricane Gustav, we lost one crucial day of our Republican Convention. I propose that we reschedule it to Monday, October 27, 2008 at a convention center somewhere in Virginia. John McCain could lay out his agenda for creating an “economic surge” in America. John McCain’s primary rivals could help him make the argument too.

7:00-7:20pm: Mitt Romney would discuss the negative effects of raising taxes on small businesses at a time of economic uncertainty. Romney would slam Obama’s tax plan.

7:20-7:25pm: Interlude would show a video clip of all the times Obama voted to raise taxes.

7:25-7:45pm: Mike Huckabee would discuss the need to “bail out” all Americans, and especially the middle class, through a combination of tax cuts, tax credits for healthcare, a restructuring of 401K, and McCain’s mortgage plan for struggling homeowners. Huckabee would slam Obama on his support for infanticide and gay marriage.

7:45-7:50pm: Interlude would show video of Obama defending the aborting of babies after they are out of the womb.

7:55-8:15pm: Fred Thompson would discuss Obama’s deep ties to socialism. Thompson would make the case for American capitalism and free enterprise, and would conclusively show that Obama’s socialist policies would lead to an outright depression. Thompson would hammer home the argument that socialists would like to use times of economic instability to usher in their radical revolutionary agenda.

8:15-8:20pm: Interlude would show video highlighting Obama’s ties to socialism.

8:20-8:40pm: Rudy Giuliani would discuss Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers, Odinga, and Khalidi. Giuliani would quote the 9/11 NYT story about Ayers refusal to repent from his terrorist activities. Giuliani would slam Obama on his willingness to work with Bill Ayers and Obama’s explicit praise of Ayers’ writing. Giuliani would slam Obama’s campaign for stifling free speech and using police-state tactics to intimidate opponents.

8:40-8:45pm: Interlude would show video highlighting the bombing campaigns undertaken by Ayers.

8:45-9:15pm: Sarah Palin would hammer Obama on Ayers, Odinga, Khalidi, Wright, Rezko, Fannie/Freddie, ACORN, BAIPA, Prop 8, etc. Palin would hammer home the point that Obama is just a socialist with deeply questionable ties.

9:15-9:20pm: Interlude would show video highlighting John McCain’s lifetime of service to this nation.

9:20-10:00pm: John McCain would directly point out that the economic crisis was due to the Democrats destructive policies. McCain would highlight his tax plan that would NOT raise taxes on businesses that are wobbly in these distressing economic times. McCain would highlight his “economic surge” plan that would: 1) stabilize home values through his mortgage plan; 2) punish corruption and increase transparency; 3) free up credit; 4) keep taxes low through this recession; 5) prevent America from sliding into repressive socialism as it would under Obama’s administration.

Would the networks cover such an event? They should, since we did lose a day of the Convention. If they don’t cover such an event, then let us buy airtime on Fox.