New Polls: Presidential Race Statistically Tied

As you may have heard, CBS recently released a national poll where McCain and Obama were in a statistical dead heat.

Zogby also reports a statistical tie in its latest poll.

Don’t believe the media when they claim that McCain is significantly behind.

McCain is starting to pick up momentum. The Obama-Ayers connection is starting to sink into the minds of voters. And nothing in the debate was newsworthy enough to distract attention away from Ayers.

Hopefully McCain will start spending money on ads this month. Remember he was outspent by a huge margin in most battleground states last month. I think McCain has enough money to compete evenly this final month, and so we should expect a 3% bump from increased advertising alone. Expect an additional 3% bump if the stock market stabilizes or if McCain starts tying Obama to the mortgage meltdown.

And if the whole truth about Obama-Ayers really sinks into the minds of Americans, expect a 10% bump for McCain.