Keys to Victory: Optimism, Populism, Detailed Policies, and Fierce Blows

Now that the bailout bill has passed, the focus can return to other important issues. McCain’s worst weeks are over, and his campaign can only improve. I want to share four keys to victory: optimism, populism, detailed policies, and fierce blows.


When I was watching the Biden/Palin debate, I noticed that one candidate was depressing me and one candidate was causing me to smile. Sarah Palin won that debate because she was an optimist and because she stayed positive. For swing voters especially, it is very important to project an image of a cheerful warrior who does not engage in unnecessary partisan attacks. This is a big reason why Huckabee did so well in the primaries despite his lack of money.


To win a state, one has to win the majority of voters. It is a fact of life that most voters are on the lower end of the economic spectrum. Thus, in order to win, candidates must find a way to appeal to these voters. Sarah Palin certainly knows how to reach out to the common family, and I hope John McCain displays this same ability in the upcoming debates. Note that one can be a conservative populist. Populism just means “putting government on the side of the people.”

Detailed Policies

Many Americans vote selfishly according to their own interests. They want to know which candidate is proposing policies that will help their family in the long run. So far, Senator McCain has not fully laid out detailed policies to convince American voters that his agenda is worth supporting. Senator McCain has got to drill the following issues into the minds of Americans:

  • Gas prices!!! Everybody wants them to go down. One way to do that is through domestic oil production. Sure, we will investigate alternative sources, but we still need tons of oil. McCain wins this issue hands down.

  • No more bailouts for Wall Street!!! McCain has got to lay out his plan for preventing subsequent bailouts in the future. He has got to emphasize to people that our system of free enterprise and capitalism is still vastly superior to the system that Obama wants to move us towards: SOCIALISM.

  • Propose a middle-class bailout!!! Wall Street got a bailout, and the American people should get one too. This bailout should include: tax cuts, tax credits for education and health insurance, temporary property tax relief for the next couple of years, etc. McCain should make clear the fact that Obama has a penchant for raising taxes. Obama cannot be trusted on taxes!

Fierce Blows

Did you notice how many lies Senator Biden told in the debate? All these lies must be countered. While we should maintain positivity and objectivity, we also must speak the truth about the democratic ticket. This is a political war, and it is John McCain’s job to tell America why Barack Obama is not ready to lead this nation. Here are some facts that should be forcefully repeated over and over again, in order of effectiveness:

  1. Barack Obama’s ties to Fannie and Freddie. This is a slam dunk case that cannot be ignored. Note that we also must proceed very cautiously and praise Obama when possible. Obama was trying to help out families in lower-class neighborhoods to obtain loans easily. But we must also note that, while his intentions may have been decent, the policies he has supported have been disastrous. A political attack is much more effective when preceded by praise.

  2. Barack Obama’s liberal record. This is a comprehensive case. John McCain should just memorize a whole laundry list of items: Obama is terrible on the 2nd Amendment, Obama vigilantly supports same-sex marriage, Obama supports adoptions by gay couples, Obama voted against protecting babies who were born alive after a botched abortion, Obama wants comprehensive sex-ed for elementary school students, Obama wants a nationalized government-run health care system, etc. Obama is an out-of-touch liberal with socialist tendencies. Obama is extremely out-of-touch with the values of the common American family. Obama wants to turn America into a European country or Canada, which has government-run health care but extremely high taxes.

  3. Barack Obama’s inexperience. Obama doesn’t have any executive experience. John McCain should point out that such a lack of experience is dangerous when combined with a liberal mindset. Obama wants to meet with the Iranian president without preconditions, according to his web site. Obama wants to pull out troops from Iraq, regardless of conditions on the ground and regardless of the advice of countless generals. Obama has never balanced a budget. He has never authored a major piece of legislation. He has never been a maverick and defied his own party for the good of the country.

  4. Barack Obama’s associations. Barack Obama admitted that he only wanted to hang out with the Marxists and most liberal people in his college. How did his college years affect his ideology? Obama was close friends with unrepentant terrorist William Ayers — he even called Ayers a “moderate”. McCain could win on this issue alone if he chose to run with this attack. I personally wouldn’t waste any more time with Rezko or Wright unless something new comes up, but I would surely bring up William Ayers over and over again. The American people have a right to know why Barack Obama collaborated with William Ayers.

So there you have it — four powerful keys to winning this November. I hope the McCain camp is listening.