Why Is National Review Thinking About Dumping Palin?

Please head over to the National Review web site right now. View the top article. And read the article’s take-home message:

Whatever happens, we may deserve what we get. On the other hand, maybe there’s still time to wise up: Obama boots Biden and taps Clinton; McCain dumps Palin and picks Romney. It’s a concept.

In this National Review article, the author gives two reasons why she doesn’t like Palin:

I worry that she won’t intellectualize enough. I worry about her certitude and her slight offness. Whatever her charms, anyone in public office who thinks out loud about banning books might be missing some aces in her deck.

I worry about a worldview that might have been shaped in part by a minister who believes that Alaska someday will be home to Christian renegades arriving for the Rapture.

*Why would a “conservative” magazine feature such an outrageous article? *

Why would they want to tempt Obama to replace Biden with Clinton, when that action would only help Obama’s campaign? Why would they want McCain to dump Palin for Romney, a move that would surely fracture the base?

*Because some folks at *National Review are still rooting for Romney. **

There’s nothing wrong with rooting for Romney in the primaries, but the primaries are over. John McCain has already made his choice and the base is united and thrilled to have Palin as VP — well, except some of the folks at the National Review. Of course maybe we shouldn’t include them as part of the “base” if they continue to promote articles like these.

One might argue that that I am over-emphasizing this one article and that I shouldn’t assume that everybody at the National Review thinks this way. Of course, there are many fine thinkers in that organization. But this is not the first time I have detected an NR author second-guessing McCain’s choice. Read this article from an NRO editor:

If the McCain campaign had been adult about it, they would have made Mitt Romney the vice-presidential nominee. [emphasis added]

But John McCain wasn’t going to pick Mitt Romney. All you have to do to understand that is rewind to the Florida primary. If John McCain’s motto is “country first,” he’d have a hard time standing with Mitt Romney, who McCain (rather insultingly) described as having led for profit, not patriotism.

So you see, there has been a disturbing trend at the National Review. We must expose this outrageous train of thought and make clear to the National Review that the base is fully behind Governor Sarah Palin and has no intention of “dumping” her. If you agree with me, please recommend this blog entry.

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