Killing Embryos: A Sin The Base Won't Forgive

Senator McCain,

I really want you to win the election. I have a friendly tip for you.

*Stop cramming embryonic stem cell research down our throats.*

You have been doing so well lately. You have selected an outstanding running mate. Your convention was a success. You are surging in the polls.

Why would you want to kill your momentum now?

Supporting the destruction of embryos for research and medicinal purposes is atrocious, especially when there are many viable alternatives. Supporting ESCR is diametrically opposed to the belief that “life begins at conception” — a belief that you claimed to be your own during the Saddleback Forum.

If one believes that life begins at conception, then there is no moral difference between killing an embryo and allowing a newly born baby to die in a soiled utility room. When does a baby get rights? Is it also above your paygrade to answer this question, Senator McCain?

It’s cool that you want to be perceived as a maverick. That makes you trendy and hip with the swing voters. But there are plenty of other issues where you can be a maverick: ANWR, global warming, immigration, health-care, etc. The sanctity of life is a non-negotiable issue.

Supporting ESCR will only harm your chances for election. Millions of socially conservative Catholic and evangelical voters will balk at your stance and will not be motivated to help your campaign. Imagine how your campaign would be right now if you had selected either the pro-abortion Lieberman or Ridge! Instead, you chose the hard-core pro-lifer Palin and you are benefiting enormously. Choose “pro-life” again. Please clarify your statements and say that you would only support non-embryonic stem cell research.


Millions of social conservatives all over America who cling to the sanctity of life.

PS: To prevent this post from being misinterpreted, let me just note that Obama is infinitely worse on the issue of life. At least McCain opposes abortion. Obama actually supported the killing of newly born babies who were slated to be aborted.