Senator Obama: How Many Houses?

Senator Obama,

I see that you are making a big deal over the fact that your Republican rival owns several pieces of property, as if it were some major scandal. But if you really want to be accurate, you should note that John McCain owns no property at all, as all those houses are under his wife and children’s names.

I also see that your surrogates are mocking McCain’s age by suggesting that he is forgetful. You can kiss the senior citizen vote goodbye right now.

Engaging in class warfare of this sort is a huge blunder, Senator Obama, especially when your own income exceeds that of 99% of Americans. Americans already know John McCain. You cannot define him, but he will define you. Your distasteful and condescending attacks just reveal that your campaign is in a state of panic. Now that you have fired the first shot, you have opened the door to the following questions:

1. How many houses can Senator Obama buy with the income generated from his book sales last year?

Answer: As many as he wants. This is America after all. Senator Obama earned $4 million last year in book sales alone, and so he should be able to comfortably purchase 7-8 homes right now.

2. How many houses can Senator Obama purchase with a crook’s help before he gets into political trouble?

Answer: One is sufficient. Rezko will not go away.

3. How many houses has Bill Ayers plotted to blow up? (ht: Hugh Hewitt)

Answer: Only Ayers knows. One thing is for sure. Obama’s association to Ayers will be politically lethal.

4. How many houses has China seized from elderly grandmothers in order to build the infrastructure for the Olympics?

Answer: Only China knows. What does this have to do with Obama? Senator Obama claims that the infrastructure in China is superior to our own, and he wants us to emulate communist China when it comes to infrastructure.

5. How many houses does Senator Obama’s younger half-brother, George, own?

Answer: Zero. His shack does not qualify to be a proper home with basic necessities. The homeless here in America likely live a better life than George Obama. Should Senator Obama be obligated to help his younger brother? Certainly not, if it is not in his heart to do so. Senator Obama should be able to do whatever he wants with the $4 million in book sales that he earned last year. But what a contrasting picture emerges between the chosen one and a forgotten son.

6. How many homes across this nation have been affected by abortion or infanticide?

Answer: Countless. Obama could have banned infanticide from taking place in Illinois hospitals, but he chose to oppose the Born Alive Infant Protection Act again and again.

Let me offer you some advice, Senator Obama. Your campaign is failing. The only chance you have to right the ship is to admit your failures and move to the right. Admit that you were wrong to have closely associated yourself with Ayers. Admit that you were wrong to engage in shady deals with Rezko. Admit that you were wrong when you voted to oppose BAIPA. And one final tip: I urge you to select Evan Bayh to be your running mate.