Why Obama Should Pick Evan Bayh

Some speculate that Obama will tap Evan Bayh to be his VP this week. We Republicans should do all we can to encourage Obama to make this very wise selection. Senator Obama, if you are reading this blog, let me present you with some benefits of picking Evan Bayh:

1. Bayh will help you win Indiana, as he is very popular there. Why just stick to the traditional battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida? You need to follow Howard Dean’s 50 state strategy; after all, some polls show you within striking distance in places like North Carolina, Georgia, and Montana. If you win Indiana, you win the Presidency, plain and simple.

2. Bayh used to be a Hillary supporter, and so by choosing him, you have symbolically chosen Senator Clinton. This is the only action needed to bring back those Clinton supporters. There’s virtually no probability that John McCain will pick Palin anyways (since Romney is a lock), so you are safe.

3. Bayh supported the Iraq war. This makes your campaign more multidimensional. You can argue to your base why the Iraq war was a mistake from the start. Bayh can then woo supporters of the war. Have your cake and eat it too!

4. Bayh is not a charismatic communicator and it will contrast nicely with your own qualities. McCain will pick Romney, and Bayh is better at reaching out to heartland Americans than Romney anyways.

5. Bayh is more moderate then you. While he is solidly pro-abortion, he did vote against Partial Birth Abortion. Having such a sidekick will make people forget that you fiercely opposed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

6. Bayh opposed a ban on same-sex marriage, just like you currently do. In an increasingly pluralistic and secular society, this unified stance will bring you more votes, especially in places like Colorado and Virginia. Bayh would probably pass your 2003 Constitutional Law final exam.

*7. Bayh will not energize the Kos crowd * (see here). This is a very good thing, I assure you.

So there you have it, Senator Obama — seven good reasons to choose Evan Bayh!