Ted Cruz Stands Tall - The Media Attacks

The ruling class and the main stream media are pulling out all of the stops in an attempt to discredit and defame the tenacious Senator from Texas Ted Cruz in light of his recent attempt to bring overwhelming public concerns over the negative impact that the Affordable Care Act is currently having and will increasing have on the American fiscal climate, as well as the general health and welfare America’s citizenry, to the floor of the Senate. So many of us believe, as Cruz so eloquently made it clear, for 21 straight hours on the Senate floor, that the detrimental impact the ACA will have on the level and quality of care that is provided to our elderly citizens especially, will be tragic and irreversible once implemented. This debate is not over, as i have heard many on both sides of the aisle decry and many in the media on both the left and the right command.

For a growing number of Americans this is a situation that hits close to home, as many of our parents are currently facing an uncertain future as they age and ACA takes effect. How will the ACA affect them? Well, the news is not good. For starters, implementation of the ACA mandates $716 billion in Medicare payment reductions from 2013 to 2022. To be clear, that is drastic cuts from Medicare to fund the ACA; and the Liberals say Conservatives want to defund government entitlements while throwing grandma over the cliff? That’s exactly what they are doing! They are taking funds from one entitlement program and moving them to another one. The only problem is the program Democrats voted to take funds from is the one that our elderly population relies on. Wether you agree or disagree at the notion of entitlements, you can not deny that to recklessly gut the Medicare program to fund an even larger, even more likely to fail program is a disastrous blow to our elderly population who have payed into the Medicare scheme dutifully for their entire working careers; to only have the quality and amount of service gained in return on said investment to be diminished, destroyed, dismantled, and replaced by something even more expensive and dysfunctional.

Millions of Americas, as Ted Cruz argued this past week, are already alarmed at the changes that are taking place just in preparation for ACA to take effect. For example one if the many an unforeseen consequences of ACA that is concerning many folks is the ability to store, maintain, and share your health records. Take this in conjunction with the fact the organ responsible for implementation is none other than Americas favorite government appendage, you guessed it, the IRS. So the government entity designed to store and monitor your financial records is now also going to do the same with your medical records. That’s just swell. Never-mind the recent scandals of politically targeting opposition and lying under oath, the IRS is the perfect government entity to oversee an entitlement spending program.

Now couple all of that with the fact that the NSA and DHS have been collecting every digital communication you have ever had since 2007 and storing it in underground data centers scattered through out the country and the world and you being to start connecting the conspiratorial like dots of the emerging government tyranny. Why do they need all of this data on us? To exact control. That’s why. And in a little illegal immigration, street pharmaceuticals, climate change alarmism, and familial degradation and you have a recipe for perfect control.

Knowing the controlling nature of the government, why would we want them in charge of an industry that makes up one sixth of our economy and touches the lives of every single one of us?

Ted Cruz took the case to the Senate floor for 21 hours, and argued that the ACA is bad law and should not be funded, and that to vote for cloture on a budget, would give Harry Reid the power to put the funding for ACA back in without further input from the House, who most closely represent the American people. And the American people overwhelmingly do not want this law. For fighting for our liberty, Ted Cruz has become both the darling for talk radio media and the villain for the rest of the lame stream media this past week.

On his appearance on the Rush Limbaugh show almost immediately after relinquished control of the floor after his historic filibuster, he seemed energized despite being awake for well over twenty-four hours straight. Rush praised him for his efforts. The rest of the media and the ruling class for that matter, did not find the same level of appreciation for Ted’s defense of liberty.

Harry Reid and his colleges, including Republican John McLame..i mean McCain, immediately took to the floor to lambast Cruz. The likes of Pelosi, Reid, and McCain went on to insult Tea Party Patriots by calling Cruz and his constituents legislative arsonists, anarchists, and terrorists amongst other names through out the course of the week after Cruz gave his speech and took his stand.

Just this Sunday, David Gregory had Cruz on and pressed Cruz regarding his 21 hour stand. Gregory, who has never pressed Obama or anyone in the Administration for answers on Benghazi, the IRS political targeting, or unconstitutional appointments made by Obama, pressed Ted Cruz by saying that the law was passed by members of Congress and signed by a President who were elected by the People and then was adjudicated by the Supreme Court. Cruz responded by stating that the law was vastly unpopular and the American people do not want it.

Cruz could have pointed out that Congress does not always get it right. Laws get passed all the time that are not moral or just. Something as grotesque as slavery was legal at one point in time in America. It was also legal to segregate based on race at another point in American history. Both acts were supported by laws passed in Congress as well as adjudicated by cases the Supreme Court decided. Dred Scott v. Sanford was a decision that denied blacks thier basic human rights, for it prescribed that slaves where not citizens and the federal government could not interfere with the practice of slavery amungst the States. Plessy v. Ferguson made segregation a precedent and therefore legal. So to say that Congress and the SCOTUS are infallible is shortsighted and not to mention, wrong.

Now, Cruz is not just faced with opposition from the normal liberal outlets. He also has members of Congress who are on the same side of aisle telling him to give up. Saying that they tried to stop it in 2009 and they failed, so Cruz should just respect that. There are a chorus of voices making this pronouncement on the right. From likes of ex-Bushies like Carl Rove and Dana Perino, to perennial Fox News fixtures like Charles Krauthammer and Mike Huckabee. All of which are loudly in opposition to Ted Cruz. Rather than supporting a truly conservative position, they oppose Cruz. The worst part is that they claim to be against the Affordable Care Act in the same breath that they say Ted Cruz is extreme for attempting to actually defund the law. This debate will get even more heated as the debt ceiling comes up for another go around.

Never the less, it is a smart play to directly tie ACA to a debate about the National Debt. So the more the House can delay ACA the better. It proves that one, the law is so unworkable that its implementation needed to be delayed several times, two, that the American People do not want it as their voices get louder in opposition, three, that government entitlement programs have a direct impact on the fiscal climate and real consequences in Americans lives every day. Obama exemplifies this by illegally amending the law to exempt his cronies and Congress from entering into the Government Insurance Exchanges mandated by the ACA. Not even traditional Democrat supporters such as unions want to be subject to the ACA. As Cruz pointed out endlessly in his 21 hour speech, if the law is not good enough for those who passed it and those who financed those who passed it to be subject to it, then the law should be void.

That right there is the crux of the matter. How can congress craft laws that they themselves are not subject to?