The Sherrod Charade: She’s a racist... No, she was a racist... Wait, she's still a racist!

The oddity that has become the recent flap that surrounds the alleged misfiring of Shirley Sherrod, an agriculture department official, who was video taped a year ago discussing her past sentiments toward white farmers, is utterly astounding.

The video obtained and released by Breitbart is a brief clip of a forty-five minute speech where Mrs. Sherrod stated that she had used race in the past as an unofficial qualification to receive a fair amount of government aid and used the example of a white farmer she purposefully did not help to the best of her ability.

The blogo-sphere and many media outlets immediately excoriated Mrs. Sherrod and commentators such as Bill O’Reilly also called for her dismissal or resignation. The White House responded in kind and immediately pressured the agriculture department head to release Mrs. Sherrod.

The immediate response by the left wing media and Mrs. Sherrod was to point out that the full video was not released and excoriated Breitbart for not releasing the whole video and accused him of providing misinformation, then commenced to accuse the whole of conservative media for jumping to conclusions and blamed Fox News for reporting on the story; absolutely no criticism of the White House, for not investigating the allegations itself and for its knee jerk reactions to media outlets.

The rest of the video, which according to the left and even many confused fools on the right, is supposed to exonerate Mrs. Sherrod as simply just explaining her past prejudices and how she has grown to overcome them.

Okay, so lets examine the rest of the video.

She does go on to explain that she no longer practices this sort of racism in her position, however, she later goes on to comment on the health care debate and those who oppose health care reform. She makes it clear that she feels those who oppose health care legislation are racists.

Note that at the time she made these statements the main opponents to health care legislation were the Tea Party protesters, conservative radio and media, and the Republican minorities in both Houses. Now, that opposition has grown to an overwhelming majority of Americans as a whole. Guess we are all just racists.

The rest of this speech does nothing of the sort to exonerate Mrs. Sherrod but rather, is more damning than the original clip released by Breitbart.

What’s astounding is the willingness of those on the left and a few apologists on the right to paint the conservative media as unfair and jumping to conclusions by not being all-inclusive when reporting. Demanding the whole video be released to provide better context but at the same time ignoring the portions of the video when Mrs. Sherrod indirectly calls Republicans, Bush, and Tea Parties racist.

The whole video exemplifies the Obama Administration’s dream: have teams of bureaucrats who agree with wealth redistribution policies as well as redistribution based on race. This would explain the seemingly knee jerk reaction to pressure Mrs. Sherrod’s firing. The White House has to distance itself from real world examples of these army of bureaucrats, whose goals do not reflect the sentiments of freedom loving Americans, but rather to pursue more and more control while implementing redistribution based on race as well as implementing and complicating race politics.

In short the entirety of the Shirley Sherrod video not only exemplifies Mrs. Sherrod as a racist in the past but also, she exemplifies her continued racism and her willingness to be a race baiter. Moreover, all of this is directly reflective of liberal fringe behavior as well as many policies supported by the Obama White House.