The Racist Race to November

Race politics has reared its ugly head once again in America and is now in forefront confronting Americans more and more on a daily bases, thanks to our ‘post-racial’ president who has failed miserably to mend the racial divide amongst citizens of this country but, rather is driving a wedge in it by painting illegal immigration as a ‘civil rights’ issue.  All the while, not standing up for the civil rights of the people who were shouted at and called racial slurs in Philadelphia during the November 08’ elections nor repudiating the actions taken that day by those individuals, what-so-ever.  The DOJ not filing suit against the new black panther King Shabazz for voter intimidation all the while simultaneously filing suit against the state of Arizona for its attempt to control illegal immigration, as well as the anti-tea party rhetoric that is consistently being insinuated by both the white house and the liberal media seems to be too methodically convergent to ignore the inherent political parallels. 


The new black panthers are now provided a forum by media outlets simply because they demand time on television in order to spew their hateful racist ideology for the American masses to view.  All in defense of a reprehensible despicable man who stood outside of a polling station, holding a baton and shouting racially charged sentiments at potential voters on Election Day.  There is no rational defense for these actions and the reluctance of many on the left to immediately reject this behavior displays fully their own hypocritical racist notions.  Although the idea of these demonic people actually reaching a wider audience then they otherwise normally would is utterly repugnant, it is impossible to address their hateful rhetoric without allowing audiences to view it first for themselves.


Americans as a whole reject these fringe dwellers whose only reason for being is to deflect individual responsibilities and shortcomings onto the whole of society and to play on past events that were deplorable and utterly reprehensible yet an undeniable part of human and world history. 


Thanks to Americas founding however, and through a document like the Declaration of Independence, which established that the individual is free and bound only by natural law; not to mention a costly civil war, which almost tore the nation apart years later, has slavery been vanquished as a historical main stay in nation state economies. Too often is it forgotten that if not for America’s founding and the principals instilled by Americans since slavery would have had no real philosophical or moral opponent in world history.


Spitefully calling whites “crackers” and conservative blacks “uncle tom’s” is not a viable political stance nor does it belong in the same arena with a rational and responsible discussion of race and politics.  What is even more inappropriate is doing it at a polling place where there is supposed to be no intimidation of any kind especially in an attempt to skew results toward one candidate or another; let alone based solely on skin color.


To add insult to injury the DOJ has decided to ignore this radical action in favor of concentrating on the State of Arizona, not to help alleviate their illegal immigration problem but to oppose Arizona, who is only attempting to enforce federal law as well as protect themselves; calling Arizona’s law ‘racist’ to boot.  More over, if not for conservative news sources and Fox News this story would be allowed to fade into the analogs of the rampant reverse racism that has become today’s mandate on American culture. 


To be male, white, and maintain a reasonable income has become increasingly unfashionable and white males are the most demonized group of individuals on the planet today.  To this point I’m sure the new black panthers would be quick to say;


“Rightly so! That’s because crackers have all the power and force their whiteness on all people of color.” 


If by forcing whiteness on people you mean ‘world history’ or ‘western civilization’ then you are not actually interested in history, but rather are interested in blaming others for your own personal insecurities.  This psychological behavior is interesting when examined briefly. 


One notices that these insecurities run deep and are wide spread and are likely a direct result of the liberal nanny-state redistribution that has enslaved generations of these individuals to crime and poverty by creating and nurturing an utter dependence on the state for their sustenance.  The anger of the new black panthers if painted in this light would be understandable however, their anger is obviously misplaced and they do more harm than good and contribute greatly to race tensions in our society rather than helping to alleviate it especially when they blindly blame ‘whitey.’ 


Their anger should be with the progressive policies adopted by both parties in Washington over the past 80-60 years and the rapid advancement of the welfare state.  The welfare state mentality is one that expects one group to be taken care of at the expense of all. 


Also political correctness, an oxymoron in this context, mandates that any one who is of European or Anglo decent automatically has too much power simply by virtue of being white; as evidenced by the implementing of legalities like quota systems and affirmative action, making lawful the favoring one over another simply based on color of skin.  This is institutional racism and we are witnessing the consequences of sixty years of attempted liberal social engineering.  Liberal polices from abortion to redistribution have done more to hurt black individuals, communities and families than your average American tax paying citizen has.   


The left is always quick to use race for their political ends and by doing so, so transparently doing time and time again they show their true nature of racism which runs deep through the veins of the Democratic party from its days of the confederate old south days to its present day tactics of demanding tolerance for all and under only extreme conditions are you to reject any one, except white males of course. This is all supposed to create a warm fuzzy feeling of utopia were we are all equal in everything all the time.  Equality sounds so good but its context here means everything.  Equality of ‘everything’… is that even possible? 


Who other than the All Mighty has the power to equivocate justly and impartially?  More importantly, who other than the All Mighty do you trust to perform this daunting task of manufacturing utopia?  No one individual of group of individuals are capable of doing that which God has already taken into account. 


We currently reside in Gods utopia and we should be content to do so rather than incessantly lamenting circumstances and ignoring the wisdom of Gods self-evident truths.  This is why we have a Declaration of Independence that establishes that only God can confer rights, and is a stark recognition that man is only a part of nature and subject to the laws of nature before that of any government.  It declares that natural rights are “self-evident” and that God and only God can create and enforce the laws of nature that govern human behavior.


Now we have the NAACP condemning the tea party protesters as racist and demanding that tea party ‘officials’ (of which there are none) denounce the ‘racist’ element in its ranks.  I have attended several tea parties and I have yet to hear or witness any racially charged criticisms of Obama or toward any one for that matter.  Most if not all are there to protest the tax and spend politicians as well as redistributive entitlement policies. 


This attempt to paint tea parties as if there are racist amongst them is flat out false and despicable for the NAACP to be making these accusations with out any evidence; hearsay is not evidence by the way. 


Notice how the NAACP comes out now, prior to the midterm elections. This is a coordinated attack on average everyday Americans such as the tea party protesters and attempts to paint them as equivalent to fringe dwellers like the new black panthers are.  These two factions could not be farther from on another in tactics, organization, and message. 


The tea party is not a conglomeration of any particular group of individuals.  The attempt to paint the tea party protests, as a ‘white’ thing is laughable and as a ‘racist white’ thing is utterly absurd.  The demographics of the tea party reflect the demographics of America as a whole.  The idea behind the new black panthers is nothing other than the advancement of one color over another, certainly not the advancement of America.


However, to talk about ‘demographics’ and race is counterintuitive when one is talking about the Tea parties.  The whole idea behind the Tea parties is to protest against frivolous federal spending and the burdensome taxation that follows and calling for the reform thereof for all tax paying Americans.  We all pay taxes no matter the color of your skin.  So when government spends like drunken Marxists taxpayers are going to ask questions because they know that the money has to come from them first before the government can spend it or doll it out to their favorite, concocted constituent group(s). 


The tea party has no organization, no one individual leader or group of leaders nor dose it have any militants, with batons, standing in front of polling places staring people down on election day.  If, in some bizarre-o-world that happens, I guarantee the Obama justice department will not drop the case and sweep it under the rug as they have done with King Shabazz but rather pursue swift and harsh judgment on them racist ‘crackers’.