Like to have a Yard Sale?

When it comes to yard sales my township says feel free to have a yard sale however you must first get a permit to do so, you must wait until 8am, and you can only have two yard sales per year.

On what grounds dose any official or committee have the authority to mandate how often and what time of day one can, on their own property, hold a sale of their own private property or goods? Not only are we told how often and what time of day we can hold a yard sale but we must first obtain “permission” from the township via a yard sale permit.

Sorry, but many of us became adults years ago. Only one’s parents assume this sort of control over anothers life where “permission” is needed in order to sell one’s own goods. Our government officials have assumed the role of “parent” over the community as if we are their children. This has been true at all levels of government for quite some time. However even in this situation the parents (government officials) apparently despite being the “parents” constantly seek what equates to an allowance (taxes) from their “children” (you and me). If this sounds backwards to you, you would be absolutely right!

Stop assuming the role of our parents! Do not assume it is appropriate to tell private citizens what they can and cannot do on their own property. Please respect our right to own and sell our own private property. Just the fact that I have to ask for my rights shows how out of touch our officials are with the principals of personal responsibility and private property rights.

Our Constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property have been under assault for a century. This is just one tiny yet “in your face” example of how our personal liberties are slowly being digested by the statist mentality.

The motive behind this move seems to be that some residents are having multiple yard sales per year and are seemingly operating to generate revenue. In other words, some folks are making too much money and are operating a business, according to our township committee.

Government should be concentrated on Police, Fire, and Emergency Services, not on yard and garage sales.

What a gross waste of our monies when we are paying our patrolmen to ride around and seek out avenues to harass citizens of our township. Rather than policing our economic activities on our own personal property our patrolmen should be concentrating on keeping us safe from harm and delinquents.

Originally posted at: www.egtrc.com