An Informed Electorate and Change to Come

The year 2009 has been an active and propitious year not only for my local Township but also for the State of New Jersey as well as the Nation. We have witnessed the uprising of local voters and the American public in the sweeping rejection of liberal democrat governing polices at all levels of government. Elections won by the republican ticket, most notably the gubernatorial elections of Virginia and New Jersey, the recent election of conservative Scott Brown to Ted Kennedy’s old senate seat in Massachusetts, and even my own local election here at home are all promising signs for the future of our town, state, and nation. It demonstrates that Americans of all backgrounds and perspectives are beginning to once again become politically informed and active in our communities. This is most assuredly a sign of good things to come because a well-informed electorate is essential to establishing accountability and in turn good government. 

In my local township, major changes are ominous and can be witnessed by simply observing recent committee meetings in person or via a new web channel; compliments of our newly elected Republican committeeman. This change is observable in three main ways. One, prior to last November’s election, notice of resolutions to be voted on prior to their passing, was virtually non-existent despite an ethical responsibility to inform the people. Two, officials have slowed the pace in which they are voting on resolutions. Three, officials are now taking the time to or are at least attempting to verbalize, in a discernible manner, their positions on and rationale behind proposed projects and resolutions. With the new found audience online, as well as a refreshed electorate and the obvious ascendancy of conservatism as a political philosophy, we have created a situation where our local officials are now taking the time to explain ordinances and their positions on them. This would not be the case if voters did not have their voices heard last election. 

My incumbent committee deserves to be commended however, for reacting in a positive manner to what many might have expected would draw negatively and divisiveness by incumbent democrats. These new constructs, however, do not excuse nor should it diminish previous actions of our representatives. In other words, despite the alluring changes brought about by the electorate, at the dismay of incumbent representatives I might add, incumbent democrats still have a history of repressing information and for appropriating powers and presenting the municipality as the ultimate solution to all township ills. Let us hope that they truly have changed and are seeing the light, so to speak, as opposed to simply moving to center in an attempt to maintain elect-ability come November 2010. 

Despite the potential pitfalls of short-term memory loss and the false sense of comfort through the allure of fickle politicians changing their tune, it seems more changes are to come and we are the better for it. This is evident in the newly apparent transparency of our township committee. It is also evidenced in recent elections at all levels of government. The American people have spoken loudly and clearly. We, the American people do not support big government polices and we traditionally never have. Our nation was founded to gain independence from an over bearing and ever encompassing government. This notion has and will always flow through the veins of freedom loving Americans. So congratulations to you, the residents of East Greenwich Township and to the American people for creating a better and optimistic outlook for 2010 and for the future of America. 

Keep up the good work!

Originally posted at: www.egtrc.com