A Letter to our Senators

Dear Senators,

I am a concerned New Jersey citizen. My entire life I have been inundated with notions of government as the solution to social, economic, and political problems. All of
my elementary, high school, and especially my college education have been heavily geared to shed a positive light on expansion of the state. In elementary school we
honored such figures as Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. All of who come from an era in human history where what was billed to be a
brand new ideology of, what amounts to Statism, was actually a rebirth of an old world order that existed prior to Americas founding. Ideologies history has since proven
to be obsolete, with roots in European social and the collegiate elite of the era. Hitler’s “National Socialism”, “Mussolini’s “Fascism”, and Stalin’s “Communism” all come
from the same ideological well, in which the individual has no rights other than to do what the state dictates.

Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and Teddy Roosevelt are all progressives; progressives who believed that the state has a duty to control and dictate citizens’ individual liberties and
rights. Wilson’s “War on Poverty” a war that modern progressives decry, and will always decry, that we are loosing. A war that cannot be won! A seemingly humanitarian effort
as a “War on Poverty”, in all actuality requires that those who are productive citizens be held liable to those who are not. This amounts to a confiscation of the private property
of those who make a living for themselves and give it to those who do not make their own living; a “Rob Peter to pay Paul” scenario. I wonder how Peter feels about this
transaction? I bet he feels like a growing number of Americans who just want oppressive government out of their faces.

FDR had his ever expanding and haloed from progressives as well as the left “Social Security” which was sold to the public as an insurance policy for aged Americans who
can no longer be fully involved citizens by virtue of their physic and natural degeneration that takes place along with aging. Social Security was founded on the idea that
only those who need assistance would receive it. This is the moment in history where the Constitution was overridden with little to no fight from the American people to
allow the involuntary confiscation of private citizens income to provide income for other private citizens. An unconstitutional notion, by all means! Do you believe that it
was Thomas Jefferson’s intentions to have the state take care of its citizens from birth to death; or George Washington’s intentions; or any of our founders?

The left and many so-called “progressives”, complain that capitalism has failed and that we need the state to fix it all. A silver bullet if you will. This in complete and utter
nonsense! I propose that it is not capitalism that has failed but rather the strain that Wilson’s, and FDR’s progressive socialism has put on capitalism that has caused the U.S.
economy to collapse to its current condition. Just look at the numbers. All of our “social insurance” policies are bankrupt and will soon be indebted if not already in debt. Liberal
lending policies caused a housing and foreclosure crisis. Government never solved a social problem. It cannot with out at the same time being tyrannical in nature and violating
constitutional private property and personal liberty rights. Now we have Universal Health Care. It’s the same animal of “socialism” just in a different costume.

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