Socialism starting with the Kennedy's, Rockefeller's, Bill Maher, etc.

I have about decided I’m with Barack, let’s correct the “Failure of the Civil Rights Movement” and “Redistribute the Wealth” as Obama states the Supreme Court should have done in this recently discovered 2001 audio: See it at this link:

I’m wondering though if Obama has ever knocked on the door of a tenant house 100% funded by tax dollars of hard working Americans only to have the overweight so-called poor tenant who pays zero of her rental invite him in for a little marijuana party? I have; and I’ve often wondered how much of that tenant’s monthly weed budget could have gone towards paying her own housing cost. I declined the invite by the way. Besides, I had to keep working that day so she wouldn’t have to.

Regarding free health insurance for everyone, why doesn’t somebody do a survey of people coming out of convenience stores just having bought a 12 pack and a carton of cigarettes to see how many of these folks “can’t afford” to buy heir own health insurance; then calculate how much they spend “not taking care of their health?”

But if we are to pursue Marxism and produce to our ability but only take to our needs, before we allow the government to steal money from people who work hard for it and give it to those who won’t, I’m sure Obama will agree we should start with super rich silver spooners like the Kennedy’s and Rockefeller’s with 100’s of millions of dollars that they did not earn? They want us to pay estate taxes but protect themselves with trust loopholes so none of their offspring for generations to come will ever have to deal with the day to day worries average Americans face. This isn’t fair is it?

And I’m for an excess profits tax as well. Let’s start with anyone earning millions of dollars for doing what we all did as children, pretending to be someone we aren’t. I think Hollywood actors should have to pay to the government everything they earn over Obama’s alleged $250k cap. I say alleged since it’s now 150K according to Biden. And we should include comedians as well. No sense in Bill Maher spending all of his millions smoking weed and deciding which bimbo he plans to buy this week from Hugh Hefner at the Playboy mansion when Maher’s money could be spent helping the so-called American poor. By the way, we just cancelled our HBO subscription and hope everyone else will as well.

This socialism gig is really starting to look like the way to go as far as I’m concerned. There is no sense in silver spooners and actors and comedians, etc. living like kings while middle class Americans have to work hard supporting those who won’t. I hope all of you will join me in calling for legislation to bring fairness to our tax system starting with the governments taking of family fortunes from silver spooners and the fortunes of actors and comedians. It’s only fair isn’t it?

P.S. While the socialism system is really starting to appeal to me, I’m having trouble with the almost certain gun control legislation that will follow in a Democratic controlled White House and Congress. What will we do when the government disarms hard working law abiding American’s?

“Rewarding Bad Behavior through Socialism,” America’s New Mission Statement.

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