I'm Ready to Give Socialism a Try

I’m starting to warm up to the socialism concept. The redistribution gig is becoming very appealing to me.

I’m thinking instead of allowing them to be philanthropist with other peoples money, we start with the leftist silver spooner Kennedy’s, Rockefeller’s, etc. who have never one day in their lives have had to go to work, earn an income, worry about bills and providing food, clothing, shelter and health care to their children. Let’s bust up the family fortune trust funds of those who did not earn their money that are worth hundreds of millions to billions of dollars and do what Jesus would do, give it all away. Then, they can go to work with us as middle class Americans helping produce taxes for people who won’t work. The so-called poor in America; many of which who are overweight and have cable TV hooked to their flat screen televisions, and own other goodies like microwave ovens, cell phones, etc. The same people who would be considered rich beyond their wildest dreams by those in really impoverished countries. I hope you will join this new socialism cause.

“Rewarding Bad Behavior through Socialism,” America’s New Mission Statement

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