Politicians Mandated Sub-Prime Financial Disaster

The continuing Sub-Prime Financial Disaster, where it stops nobody knows, proves beyond the shadow of any doubt what so ever, Americans must rise up and demand Congressional Term Limits. Thankfully they already apply to the Presidency.

Reckless Congressional Ignorant’s violating the laws of nature by mandating Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac make home loans to people who can not afford to pay them back, combined with the greediest creatures on earth, Wall Street, is the last “entitlements straw” leading to the Sub-Prime Financial Disaster and threatening to break America’s financial back. Honest, law abiding folks, who weekly get up early making sure children get breakfast and are off to school, go to work contributing positively to society, then come home from a hard day making sure the children are fed and homework is done, are having “their savings and retirement accounts wiped out” due to the stupidity of Reckless Congressional Ignorant’s facilitating Wall Street greed.

As of Thursday’s close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has suffered the worst seven day decline in its 112 year history, and nobody knows when and where it will end. The burden of this Reckless Congressional Ignorant’s initiated Sub-Prime Financial Disaster will be placed on the backs of hard working law abiding American citizens and felt for many years to come.

The Sub-Prime Financial Disaster proves elite educations and fancy degrees mean little without real world experience. The Sub-Prime Financial Disaster proves being entrenched in the Washington, DC beltway turns possibly otherwise good people into Congressional Ignorant’s, acting recklessly, all in the name of do gooding, attempting philanthropy with the financial futures of others.

The hard working law abiding American making their positive contribution to society through work and paying of taxes will now have to work harder and longer while enjoying less due to the Reckless Congressional Ignorant’s.

It’s time for Term Limits; its time to throw the Reckless Congressional Ignorant’s out!