Obama says back off; Huffington, Daily Kos say no

Looks like the hate mongers hanging from their feet at Huffington Post and Daily Kos are refusing to back off from bashing a 17 year old child. Huffington so much so her bashing is posted all of her cover page. Will Obama confront them? We shall see.

Should we be more concerned about the private matters of the Obama’s than those of a 17 year old child not seeking office? If so, a couple of questions might be about the Obama’s credit worthiness (isn’t it funny how some folks who can’t run their own home want to run those of others (like Obama’s alcoholic father))?

Is a Harvard Law grad whose credit card bounced while trying to rent a car for the 2000 Democratic Convention capable of running the finances of America?

Should those blessed with a Princeton and Harvard Law education be able to pay off their student loans (if not for Barack’s shining political future, would they ever have been paid off at all)?

These seem the more prudent questions of the day; not those of a 17 year old girl.