A silver lining...

Yes, Obamacare is now an issue for the 2012 election…

That’s about it… the only good thing about it is now we can maybe vote out some of those who voted for it and elect in some new people who are all about getting rid of it.

Except that in ruling the mandate a tax it means you can’t be legislated into buying a GM vehicle (or whatever)… But you can still be taxed to support GM…

Obamacare was going to be an issue whether repealed or not.

Repealing it would have been better in my opinion, but it was narrowly upheld so we the people have to deal with it.

I wonder if this will be the spark that leads to the end of “modern liberalism” aka the hijacking of our institutions by the extreme left. Or is it on more step to all of us becoming completely owned by our government instead of the other way around.

My biggest question that won’t truly be answered before the election is this one: Will Romney really destroy Obamacare if he is elected?

Another question that comes to mind is this going to help the O or will it energize the conservative movement enough to out him and the insanity of the far left.