The recall elections' hidden danger.

It’s been the better part of a week now since unions in particular and democrats in general had their heads collectively handed to them in a not really even close recall vote.

It was a great victory for the taxpayers, even the ones who didn’t want it, and a stinging rebuke about the issues involved.

You might expect this to be a “don’t get to confident post” but it’s not. By November, if not next week or like by today, the victory will be forgotten down the memory hole of the “mainstream” media outlets and many, many of the new media will have moved on to other stories.

The real danger is not overconfidence on the part of the right, but rather that it is a wake up call to the overconfident left.

The real danger is that the left will see what they’re really up against and get even more desperate than they would be.

Personally I think that’s fine. Either the left continues with current course and meets the dustbin of history or they get even more extreme in their methods and hasten that moment.

That said, they might also completely change course, temporarily, fund-raise ludicrously from everywhere that hates the US and take whatever steps, legal or not, are needed to ensure they retain power. The real danger is that the folks on the right might not prepare for worst case extreme tactics that might be used against them.

I’m not worried about the left/right fundraising/get out the vote stuff, I’m worried about stuff like an indictment suddenly hits a seemingly random company that happens to be supportive of the right and it finds itself browbeaten and fighting for it’s life in court because it gave money to a right wing cause. I’m worried about the supposedly neutral DOJ declaring a county’s votes invalid while turning a blind eye to groups who actively intimidate voters at the polls. I’m worried about real fraud that goes unchecked because it’s in favor of the DOJ’s current administration… I’m worried about the publication for vilification/intimidation purposes and either swarming or swatting tactics etc that are the new battles that must be fought against. These are the real tactics of real tyrants and they and anything else like them must be fought.

While we have the past as a record of what to fight against/be prepared for the question in my mind is what is the next most dastardly thing the left will do to win? I’m not asking for a list here. It is just a thought being posed for anyone who supports the right or is in charge of anything that could be attacked by the left. Proper planning for the attack can mean drowning out firestorm at the few few sparks and turning the attack back on the arsonist…