Are we really releasing Taliban to fight against us again?


Just my two cents here but…

Don’t we strengthen our hand by keeping them and *maybe* releasing them for actual gains once the gains are realized?

Has no one learned that the opposition, the Taliban, is allowed/encouraged to lie to us “infidels” by doctrine/scripture etc?

Or is this something worse, sheer incompetency on display by the administration or are they actively trying to help the side that is shooting at our guys?

One can only imagine the play this gets for the Taliban:

Thank allah for putting a spell on the infidels to release you! See-we were right about our cause being holy etc etc… feel free to go back to fighting them…

or mebbe

They are that stupid! Here’s your new identity papers and bonus for trying again – go get’em!


Of course they are releasing us, they do not want to win – did you learn nothing from Vietnam?

(etc ad nausea)