No justice under mob rule... Know justice under the rule of law...

Someone finally published images of Zimmerman’s injuries sustained when a young thug was apparently, according to eyewitnesses, bashing his head into the concrete before he defended himself from losing his own life. My only question about this is why did it take several weeks to put them out?

The prosecutor who decided to go after Zimmerman failed to disclose that information? Tsk tsk… perhaps she needs to lose her job. In a rare moment of channel surfing luck I landed on Fox news as they were announcing she was coming out to make a statement and watched her live on tv. She seemed to be like a kid in a candy store as she made full use of the spotlight to put out that she was pursuing charges against Zimmerman. Watching her I saw someone being truly evil, she relished the spotlight, relished the ability to stand there and say how she was only pursuing the charges because “something” was there and not because of the public uproar. She basically put on a good show of lying to the nation, in my opinion. There is the face of real evil – happy to wield the power of her office, defiant in the face of facts, omitting relevant facts that do not fit her narrative of pursuing the conviction of someone who committed no crime.

Mob rule = no justice

Rule of law = to know justice

The rule of law is only as perfect as the people who run it but it’s generally better than than mob rule.

Mob rule is only effective at getting what the mob was whipped up for, and that is rarely truly anything close to real justice.

If the people inciting mobs against Zimmerman had the their way Zimmerman would be killed for lawfully defending himself.  If the politically pandering official who filed charges has her way Zimmerman will be put in jail for legally defending himself.

The real evil in this case is not that a young thug died, a tragic loss in itself, but that so many can scream so loudly in the face of all evidence to the contrary of what they are screaming about and still get charges filed where there should be none filed.

I hope that the case against Zimmerman is thrown out pretrial based on the eyewitness accounts and the previously withheld photos of a bloodied Zimmerman. I hope Zimmerman’s lawyers spend the next several years suing the Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and everyone else who have wronged Zimmerman by screaming for his neck before the facts were fully disclosed and even more importantly go after those who continued to pursue Zimmerman after the facts have essentially cleared him of a crime.

The defining thing about the Zimmerman case is that it is a barometer that shows us how evil in a banal way some people can be when it is convenient for them/advances them or their agenda. It illustrates how some people are willing to be led like sheep by unscrupulous individuals. The other truly chilling thing it shows is how disinterested in facts people can be when the facts aren’t in their favor.

In my opinion the prosecutor needs to lose her job and the willfully negligent people in the media who doctored tapes along with any others who misled the public should all be punished for the real crime of undermining the rule of law and defaming someone who legally defended himself from being beaten to death by an aggressive adult sized want to be thug.